About Us

Chem-Resist Sdn Bhd is one of the most reliable and trustable manufacturer and supplier of various range of products for the furnishing and fittings of laboratories across the globe. Chem-Resist Sdn Bhd is a reputable laboratory designer and partner to various schools, colleges, universities, industries in Asia and Middle East. To date, Chem-Resist Sdn Bhd has undertaken more than 100 projects in designing laboratories like Emergency Eyewash, Emergency Shower, Fumecupboard and etc. for partner across the region.

Our Vision

To develop most reliable and innovative products for laboratories, this includes laboratory taps, safety showers, worktops, sinks, drainage systems & accessories.To supply highest quality of laboratory products at a reasonable and competitive price.To offer best quality of customer service and support to our clients and potential customer.To offer professional advices and knowledge to our customer in laboratory design and products deployment.To provide most conducive working environment to our group of employees.We are committed to establishing a professional relationship with our clients and setting an example in this field by providing the cutting-edge technological solutions, assuring high quality of engineering and keeping a remarkable record of market reputation.


With our breadth on Mechanical and Electrical Engineering knowledge and capability, backed with its state-of-the-art product design, we are uniquely qualified to undertake major projects for multinational corporations, international engineering, and architectural and general construction firms.

Needs & Demands

To respond to the needs and demands of each and every customer within the local Asia Pacific market, Chem Resist Sdn Bhd has established exclusive marketing agents in Singapore and Malaysia as well as manufacturing facilities in Malaysia. Having these infrastructure, Chem Resist Sdn Bhd are able to provide custom-design, manufacturing, installation and after-sales-service.
We have done various lab set up, design and maintainance for local and overseas companies.

Chem-Resist understands that laboratories are more than just cabinets, countertops, and fume hoods. We understand that planning, budgeting, designing, manufacturing, installing, and testing are all parts of the process of furnishing a new laboratory.
We take pride in our project management skills, and the latest in technology to make sure that your new lab is completed on time and on budget.